When Do NBA Playoff Tickets Go On Sale

Interested in watching basketball games live? Why not buy tickets during the playoffs? These “playoffs” games mainly consist of a best-of-seven elimination type of tournament that is usually held between the top eight teams in the Eastern and Western Conference. These teams are usually one through eight and they then compete until they reach the NBA Conference Finals, which is typically held every year at the end of the regular season by 82 games.

When the Eastern, as well as the Western Conference, has each of their own champions, these two teams will then compete against each other in the NBA Finals in order to determine the season champion of the National Basketball Association. As of currently, the Los Angeles Lakers team has the highest number in the playoff appearances with over 60 to their name. As for players, LeBron James has the lead with a number of 266 playoff games. 

As for the series format, it features a 2-2-1-1-1 format. When talking about these games, it is great to keep in mind that the home-court advantage would most likely belong to the team with the higher seed, as for who will host the games, the home-court advantage will be hosting the games 1, 2, 5 and 7 while their opponents will host the rest remaining. 

The question is, “when does the playoff start?” as it will likely be connected to the schedule of events. The regular season for the NBA usually kicks off and starts in October along with the top eight teams from each conference moving on to the playoffs. While the first rounds of the playoffs would be starting around the mid of April while ending nearly the final week of the month. And then comes the semifinals conference, which begins almost straight away afterward with more best-of-seven play, this play will then be continuing until the mid of May. 

After that, to answer the question “when do NBA final tickets go on sale”, the Conference Finals will come to an end as of the month of May in which both conference champions would be moving onto the NBA Finals. This then finishes in the middle of June if all games are then played. Fans are likely to get riled-up and hyped as they get to watch their favorite players as they chase an NBA championship, this is due to the teams playing 3 to 4 home games in each round.

As for the question of “when do playoff tickets go on sale”, the NBA Playoffs tickets would likely go on sale once the regular season has wrapped up in early April. Since the team would be seeded and the games have been decided, it will then determine and clear up what teams will have home-court advantage throughout each series and the games. There are often information websites or ticket websites that will display tickets that are available for each team’s home and away games in the playoffs. 

Keeping updated within these websites or applications would without a doubt, make it easy for you to track your team’s upcoming playoff schedule as well as make it easy to devise plans to attend these games. These games will likely and often sell out or sell tickets for a higher price at the ticket office so sometimes, it may be best to purchase or look for other ticket websites or applications.

Cost Of NBA Playoff Tickets

Of course, as for the cost of NBA playoff tickets, many factors may determine this price. Similarly, with other sports and game tickets, the prices of these tickets may vary depending on who and which teams are playing, which round of the play, the remaining number and amount of games left to play in the series, the location of the seat, as well as other various variables. When considering the price of the NBA playoff tickets, some of the key factors to consider are the area of the location, as well as the team’s popularity.

The prices for the tickets for the NBA playoffs usually start relatively low in the first few rounds, these prices change and gradually rise when the teams continuously start reaching the Conference or NBA Finals. Of course, as for any sports and live games, the seats are a major factor when determining the possible price for the ticket. Naturally, the better the seats, the more pricey it is, vice-versa. These seats can be determined by the lower or upper levels.

As for the price ranges, the first-round ticket’s average is usually out at around $130. As for the second round, it would be closer to $190. The Conference Finals which most people are waiting for, usually reach an average price of around $275 to $300. Different deals and prices usually, and always have a tendency to fluctuate. Some may even say that three to seven days before a game is a premium time to buy.

Although ticket prices may tend to drop considerably low as the time for the game gets closer, it may still come with a risk. If one waits until the last minute to purchase tickets, they may likely miss out on tickets or great seats. If you are aiming for great seats, then the best choice would most likely be to look for one and purchase it right away.

Meanwhile, on the off chance that the individual misses out on tickets and has the official box office sold out, there are still resellers. In fact, it is said that the best inventory of NBA playoff tickets is usually from resellers. If it is through resellers, there’s almost always guaranteed to be tickets available. 

These resellers usually buy dozens of seats at a time directly from the NBA, in doing so, they would most likely get a deep discount. Since unsold tickets are basically lost and wasted money for resellers, they would likely slash and keep lowering prices until the last minute since playoff tickets are always on-demand anyways.

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