How To Spot Fake NFL Tickets

The hype and excitement during the football game experience may cause some people to be careless. It is unfortunate that online fraud especially for fake NFL tickets have recently been becoming more and more popular. Of course, there are still some genuine online tickets, but there are also many fake ones. Over time, the number of supporters getting kicked out for forged tickets has been increasing, which is a huge disappointment when they are just trying to enjoy or even spend time with people. 

Due to these incidents, fans are advised to be wary and careful with fake football tickets. It is important for fans to understand how to check if NFL tickets are real. Spotting them wouldn’t be easy as they may be skilled scammers with the same technology used to make real football tickets.

It is fine to be skeptical, if it seems fishy, feel free to confirm it. Going to the stadium and being rejected for the fake ticket is more disappointing than just having it checked. To avoid getting scammed, you would need to learn how to spot fake NFL tickets. There are several signs that tell which ones are fake and which ones aren’t. 

For example, a more common tell for fraud is when the website offers tickets on games that still haven’t gone on sale, or some may even be from popular football games which most likely have already sold out. In the case of the latter one, there could be legitimate tickets being re-sold, although it is still important to stay vigilant. There are also some physical signs for super bowl ticket scams. Here are some of them:

  • Serial Numbers

Just like money, football tickets also have serial numbers, these are important parts of a ticket, same with money. If you feel as though you may have a fake you may check the barcode on the ticket. There’s supposed to be 10 numbers on the ticket, no more, no less. When fakes are made with barcodes included, they would tend to mass-produce the same ticket, therefore, you may simply ask to see another ticket and check if the serial numbers are the same.

  • Appearance

It may be quite vague, but if you compare a fake and a real ticket, you may easily spot the difference. More specifically, tickets tend to have a hologram-like look to them. These holograms are nearly impossible to imitate. Replicating this feature would most likely fail. It is a small, but quite an obvious hint to spot fake tickets.

Another appearance-centered sign to spot a fake football ticket is the print. Scammers may usually rush making hundreds of fake tickets, due to these, there could be tickets that are left off-centered or blurry, real ticket companies are professionals, they wouldn’t let those errors be spread. There could also be different printing quality differences between fake and real tickets. As said before, it really is important to at least know what a real ticket looks like from a reseller.

  • Texture

It is quite difficult to explain, but football fans usually know the texture of a real NFL ticket, it is printed on hard paper with some gleam/gloss on its surface. If the ticket was on soft, normal printer paper, then it should be immediately checked. If any ticket purchased seems to be something that could easily be printed at home, then it is most likely a fake. Be sure that what you get is what you paid for. 

There are also usually that part that could be torn off at the side of the ticket, it is called the perforated edge. You should be wary of the ones without it. Another useful tip is that you may check with people online to see if their ticket matches yours but it might be wise not to post pictures of your ticket online. But nowadays, there are tickets considered as “e-tickets” which may seem considerably different.

  • Grammar Or Typing Errors

An easy-to-spot problem for fake football tickets is grammar errors. It is fairly easy to identify, not to mention a big one since professionals and legitimate brands would never create such errors. It wouldn’t be a waste of time to read the ticket for a bit. It is important to look for any discern signs that it is indeed a fake ticket. Punctuation errors, random capital letters, or any other grammatical errors.

  • Mobile Ticketing Fraud Is A Thing Too

E-tickets were briefly mentioned earlier, but it is important to keep in mind that there could be scams or errors from these too. It should be fine as long as you were to check the ticket immediately upon receiving an email or document. These tickets are usually sent right after it was purchased or about a week before the game, it would be great to make sure that there are no typos or grammatical errors. 

Similarly with physical tickets, it would also be nice to check the serial number on the ticket. This is not only to check if it seems fake, but even if it is real, it would be great to see if there could be some sort of error. 

Of course, if any seeming error has been spotted, it would be wise to contact the seller and ask questions about this problem, and if necessary, a refund is an option as well. These e-tickets usually do not have your name on the ticket, even so, there is no need to be worried since your identification would most likely not be needed, instead, it would be your seat and the serial number going to be verified.

The best way to avoid scams and fraud would be to choose a dependable company, website, or people to purchase from.

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