Best Time To Buy NFL Tickets

With the current situation, it may be difficult and costly to purchase any sports ticket, including NFL tickets. In fact, some stadiums have refrained from having fans attend the games, as well as some that only allow a limited number of spectating fans. With this condition happening, it is unavoidable to get bad seats, if not, not even being able to enter at all. Even if there is a ticket you may buy, it is likely that the ticket would cost quite a fortune considering the high demand for watching live games. 

Timing the purchase of NFL tickets to the best opportunity would undoubtedly create a huge difference than not. Buying the ticket to an NFL game wisely at the right time, would not just ensure that you secure good seats, but it would most likely cost less and save you money. Although there doesn’t seem to be any complicated science or mathematical formulations to predict the best time to purchase NFL tickets, there are still some tips to keep in mind that would surely grant you good seats with a good offer. Here are some of them:

  • Do You Mind In Which Location You Are Seated? – This may seem obvious, but some people may not care much where they are located. Generally speaking, if the individual wishes for a good seat, then it is probably best not to wait until the last moment. Even if a ticket is still available, it wouldn’t be the one that you are after. 

Although the prices may be high six weeks before the game, it is the prime time when people who realize that they can’t go to a game begin to list their tickets. When new tickets are getting listed, the prices would naturally start dropping. 

Great premium seats may also be acquired during the three to four weeks before the event, not to mention that they would also be cheap considering they are premium quality seats. There could also be certain sections that have the tendency to be re-sold more than the others. If there are certain sections that you may be aiming for, then looking for different offers would likely be the best move.

  • Who Are The Teams Playing? – Depending on the teams participating, there may be some that regularly sell out at a certain period of time, likewise, there could also be some that do not easily sell out. This factor may vary from year to year. Of course, there are also those that always seem popular and favorites of the masses. 

These favorite teams may sell out quite a lot even if the team did not do well at the rest of the year. Some teams may have an extremely supportive fanbase too, therefore their fanbase should also be kept in mind. No matter where the team may play, their fans may still be attracted and supportive of their teams. There have been some cases in which their fans are still willing to watch even if their team is on the other side of the country, an example of this is The Dallas Cowboys.

“How does this factor in purchasing tickets?”, you may ask, depending on which team is playing and if they are quite popular, the faster their tickets may sell out. No matter how popular the team may be, there would still be a third-party site that offers fee-free NFL tickets. 

If the team may be doing considerably well or depending on what point of the season they are playing at, there may still be some tickets available even during the last few minutes. There may be regular-season games in which the prices of the tickets continue to drop until a few hours before the actual game starts. “Do tickets get cheaper closer to the game?” If you want to save some money and lower costs, then waiting until the last minute is the best option.

  • When Is The Game Happening? – There are a few factors that apply to this. First is that the Sunday and Monday evening games are much more popular and sell out than the afternoon games. These are the times when the teams don’t usually matter and would likely sell out fast and expensive. 

Even for the buyers, this is the time to relax and enjoy the game no matter who’s playing. Similarly during postseason games, the ticket’s prices may still go up until right before the start due to the demand for these tickets. There could be websites or applications that you can use to track the game’s ticket prices. 

If you observe for a while, you may notice that about two or four weeks before the night of the game, the ticket prices have the tendency to hit their lowest point. Since people would usually just go to these events to relax and watch some games, some may usually not really mind where they are located, if so, then this would usually be the best time to buy tickets.

Then, the previously mentioned “postseason games”. When there are events with huge matchups or during the playoffs, it would be quite difficult. Tickets for the playoffs are sold about a week or so before the game most of the time, even so, these ticket prices still go up until the last minute. In contrast to “waiting until the last moment” mentioned earlier, this one suggests purchasing tickets sooner. Even though some may tend to re-sell the ticket for a higher price, it may be better since the prices would soar higher the longer you wait.

  • Is Patience The Correct Answer? – The most important factor is someone’s patience. Although most of the factors to look out for involves waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets, this is not always the case. It would still depend on the situation of the person. For instance, bringing your friends or family across the country to watch a game, in such cases, having a plan would be best. If you just want to hang out with your group, then paying extra costs for a solid plan for the schedule is worth it.

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