Sell Your Tickets

Sell Your Tickets

Have tickets to an event but no longer can attend the event? Are you a season ticket holder for a sports team and need to get rid of several games? Immortal Seats is here to help you sell your tickets!

Rules of selling with Immortal Seats:

1) Fill out Immortal Seats Seller PDF Form ( Name, Address, Email, Event, Tickets On Hand, Date One Major Credit Card)

2) Immortal Seats will list your tickets and handle everything from start to finish.

3) The seller will be required to sign the Immortal Seats Selling Agreement Form. The seller will agree to not list tickets for sale anywhere else when selling thru Immortal Seats on the agreement form. Immortal Seats will take a 20% commission of the final sales price from each sale. A major credit card will be requited to be on file. The required major credit card will serve as a security measure. When selling tickets with us and you commit to provide the tickets. Immortal Seats will charge your credit card 20% of the listing price, if the seller fails their part of the agreement of providing tickets. At Immortal Seats, we have a 200% Guarantee to all our customer. That the customer will receive the tickets they ordered. If not, we will provide similar tickets or even upgrade them at no charge. If the customer doesn't want the upgrade, they will be refunded 200%. If the seller is backing out of the commitment, charging the credit card will help Immortal Seats fulfill the ticket request and our promise to the customer for any additional cost Immortal Seats in cures.

4) Ticket Delivery: If the seller has electronic or mobile tickets, the seller will have to e mail us the tickets. If the seller doesn't have the tickets available for download when signing the agreement, the seller is required to list the latest ticket in hand date available to be emailed to our customer. Same goes for Mobile tickets. If the seller has hard tickets, we will email you the FedEx slip once ticket sell. Immortal Seats will pay for the shipping label and the seller will be requied to put tickets in a FedEx envelope and drop it off at a local FedEx location. If the seller doesn't have hard tickets in hand when listing tickets with us, on the seller form the seller will be required to list an in hand date of the tickets. The seller will be required to ship the tickets by the in hand date listed. Immortal Seats only uses FedEx to ship hard tickets.

If the seller doesn't ship or email the tickets by the in hand date listed on the agreement form, the seller will be charged 20% on the Major Credit card provided by seller. Immortal Seats has the full permission to charge the credit card based on the failure of the seller to keep their part of the agreement when signing the agreement form.

5) If the seller decides they no longer want to list the tickets with us, all the seller needs to do is contact us and we will take down the tickets from our inventory, as longer as these are not already sold tickets.

6) Payout: When tickets are sold, the buyer will receive an email or a call or both from Immortal Seats confirming the sale. Immortal Seats payout commission to the seller via paypal or check 7-10 days after the sale, providing the buyer has received the tickets via email or mail. If the seller's tickets are not in hand at time of the sale, the sellers payout will be on hold until the customer receives the tickets. For example: In May a Yankees game is sold on Immortal Seats for an August game, but the seller won't have tickets on hand until July. in July when the seller has the tickets in hand and ready to ship by mail or email electronically, the seller will be paid accordingly, once the buyer receives the tickets.

7) Immortal Seats can't guarantee to sell every ticket listed. It all varies on price of the ticket and demand of the event. However we can promise you our team will do everything possible to get the tickets sold at maximum possible price. Immortal Seats has world wide exposure with our website and also customers can buy tickets on the Immortal Seats Mobile App. Immortal Seats has sold tickets to customers in USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Panama, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and other countries since opening business in November 2014.

8) Fraudulent tickets: At Immortal Seats, we take fraud very seriously! If the sellers attempts to sell fake hard tickets or duplicate electronic or mobile tickets in order to scam Immortal Seats for a payment. The seller will be charged full amount on the major credit card provided. Immortal Seats will also prosecute the seller to full extent of the law in court.

8) Pricing: Immortal Seats will list tickets at sellers requested price or the seller can let us control the price, as we're well aware of the market for each event. The seller can contact us and change the price anytime you want or let us control the price until it sells. The seller has the flexibility. We guarantee to respond to the seller's request in 4 hour or less to assist them with the best possible experience listing with Immortal Seats.

9) Will Call Tickets: Immortal Seats only allows seller at this time to sell Hard, Electronic or Mobile Tickets for most markets. Immortal Seats currently only offers Will Call tickets delivery method for selected events North New Jersey, selected events in Masschusets, selected events in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

10) What events can you sell thru Immortal Seats? You can sell tickets tickets to sports, concerts and broadway events in USA, Canada, England and Australia. When it comes to sports, Immortal Seats can sell College or Professional Sports.

For any additional information regarding selling tickets with ImmortalSeats, email us at Also message us thru Facebook Company Page via messenger at You can also call us at 888-933-SEAT 11am-6pm Mon-Fri, and Saturday 12pm-4pm. All Eastern Standard Time.