How Much Are NBA Tickets 

The NBA (National Basketball Association) features 30 professional basketball teams. These basketball games are not only entertaining, but they are also a great way of spending time with family and friends. Over time, these entertaining displays of athleticism and numerous games have evolved and developed great fanbases. These supporters do not stop by only just watching games in front of the television, they want to support their teams on the battlefield, the stadium.

Although watching in the stadium is a great idea, it is still important to consider the NBA ticket price. Even if going to the game is quite easy and casual for some people, trying to lower the possible costs is always advised. Especially during the current situations, even if there are tickets available, the seats would most likely be limited and sometimes, the game may be so popular that the increasing demand would raise the prices.

Although there is an average of $94 or $20-$300 for ticket prices, there are different factors to take in. there are the aspects of “who is playing”, “which game is it?” or “how long did you wait to purchase the ticket?” and such similar factors. With that said, “how do we take in these factors?”, especially for families that are trying to relax and have some bonding time. Here are some tips and advice about NBA tickets pricing that may help you if you are planning for a vacation or a trip to relax.

There Are More Than Just Tickets

Although tickets seem to average about $94, just that money in itself or a bit more would not really get you far. There are more costs to consider after the NBA tickets, such as if you would want food, and if you go there by car, you may most likely need to pay for the parking as well. If you are watching with a group of people, then that amount would naturally be multiplied by how many people you come with. Such as the fact that around $450 should be the average amount for a group of four.

The Teams That Are Playing

A major factor in any sport’s live game costs is the teams that would be playing in them. The team’s popularity may be based on their fanbases, even to the players that they have. Of course, there are different prices that people or websites may be offering, but they usually have an average ticket price based on their teams.

One of the good examples is the Cleveland Cavaliers, they may only have an average ticket price of $42.00 but are not recovering from Lebron James’ exit in 2010. There is no doubt that people may still enjoy and have fun during these Cavs games. Not to mention the parking fees for their games are quite low at only $5. Fans would also be happy to support their favorite teams or players.

There are also teams such as the Golden State Warriors which attract quite a lot of fans and supporters. They are quite famous and only have an average ticket price of $95.00. They have young famous superstars such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Since their games are quite famous, popular and filled, it is common for tickets to be resold at a higher price on secondary markets. There are also quite the high prices for the other criterias such as food and parking fees during their games.

Another popular basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers. In the history of the NBA, the Lakers seem to be quite successful and never lose popularity. Lebron James is quite the famous figure in the basketball scene. Well, to be clear, the popularity is not just due to the addition of Lebron on the team, but due to the reputation the Lakers has been building up the last few years till now. It is an undeniable fact that the team has always been putting on a good show and capturing not just the attention, but the hearts of many. Their ticket prices averages around $180, making them one of the most expensive NBA tickets.

In the recent events, Chicago Bulls have also started to be even though they did not necessarily lose popularity, there have been recent articles on the huge changes on their rosters. Most fans of Chicago bulls are supporters that have been fans since the Michael Jordan years, therefore, solidifying their large number of fans. They never seemed to lose their popularity, even during the past years and hence, are also quite expensive to watch. Having $165 as their average ticket price, not to mention that the additional expenses are also on the higher end. 

And then we have the Boston Celtics. One of the famous teams according to a ranking. Similarly with the Chicago Bulls, the Celtics have quite the history on the basketball scene. They also have a low average ticket price which are generally around $85, they should be around the middle when it comes to the ticket’s costs. Although they do not shine every time, they still have a great reputation and one of the best in the entire league in terms of championship success with a total of 17 championships. They have supportive fans that are always ready to watch their games. Even with all that, Celtics are actually known to have some of the most expensive drink prices. Not to mention that their parking fees are quite high. It is suggested to aim for some discount when buying tickets and to at least commute when going to one of their games.

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