About Montreal Canadiens Tickets
The Canadiens are the oldest team in the NHL. They’re actually older than the NHL was formed until 1917. The Canadiens were established in 1909 and played from the year 1910 to 1917 within the NHA.
The Canadiens are similar to the Yankees in the NHL. They have won more than 20 Stanley Cups, more than any other team and they have dominated the league for extended periods of time.

Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Montreal Canadiens Tickets and Games

What is the cost of Montreal Canadiens tickets?
Montreal Canadiens tickets are subject to change based on several factors. In general, Montreal Canadiens tickets can be bought for as little as $16.00 and an average cost of $91.00.

Where do players of the Montreal Canadiens team play?
The Montreal Canadiens game at home is played in Centre Bell in Montreal, QC.

What Division are Montreal Canadiens a part of?
Montreal Canadiens are part of the Atlantic Division which is in the Eastern Conference. Find a list of all teams from the Atlantic Division below.

Does my child require an admission ticket to Montreal Canadiens games?
Every NHL team has its own policy on child tickets. Some teams have age-restrictions and others have limitations on height. Some stadiums require that children who enter the stadium must have an active ticket. There is a Montreal Canadiens ticket policy that states that all children aged 2 and over must possess an entry ticket.