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The Kings were one of the first teams that were expanded to join the NHL in 1967. In the Kings’ beginning years they wore gold and purple as did those of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. The golden-and-purple period Kings often were able to make their place in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but they often were eliminated in the second or first round. The most well-known King of the era is Marcel Dionne, who scored more than 50 goals in five seasons in the years 1978-1979, and 1982-1983. He often played on what was later referred to as the Triple Crown Line with Charlie Simmer and Dave Taylor. Both Taylor and Dionne have been stripped of their numbers in the name of the group.

In the season 1988-89, The Kings were involved in one of the most important trading deals ever made in the NHL They purchased Wayne Gretzky, who had just been awarded the Stanley Cup with the Edmonton Oilers and was the top hockey player of all time. The arrival of Gretzky in California revolutionized things for both the Kings and the sport of hockey as a whole. At first, famous players were playing in the rink during Kings games, just like they’d been appearing on courtside to watch the Lakers. Gretzky made hockey cool. Teams from markets such as Anaheim, San Jose, and Florida most likely wouldn’t exist were Gretzky hadn’t been a part of LA.

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What is the cost of Los Angeles Kings tickets?
Los Angeles Kings tickets may vary in price based on several aspects. In general, Los Angeles Kings tickets are sold at prices as low as $9.00 as well as an average of $67.00.

Where do players of the Los Angeles Kings team play?
Los Angeles Kings home games are played at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

What Division are the Los Angeles Kings a part of?
The Los Angeles Kings are part of the Pacific Division which is in the Western Conference. Check out a complete list of teams that are part of the Pacific Division below.

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Frozen Fury: Los Angeles Kings vs. Vegas Golden Knights Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, UT